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Sore Muscle Relief


Sore Muscle Balm

2 oz


This salve is made with an abundance of Kombo Butter and high quality cold pressed oil of avocado and a blend of essential oils. The salve works wonders on sore muscles. It has been formulated to have simple ingredients that help relieve that achiness in your body. Due to the natural color of the Kombo butter, this salve does leave a red stain on clothing (can be washed).

Kombo Butter

This butter is a grainy, buttery and very dark brown red color and naturally contains high levels of myristoleic acid, which makes this a wonderful pain relieving butter. It has been traditionally used for its anti-inflammatory, antifungal, anti-allergenic, antiseptic, anti-oxidizing, immune-stimulant, painkilling and regenerative properties.


Avocado Oil

Derived from sun kissed avocados, this virgin unrefined rich oil is highly penetrating and softens and nourishes the skin from well below the surface. The fatty acids in this oil have been found to help many skin conditions and may also reduce inflammation



Kombo Butter Pynanthus Angolensis, Beeswax cera flava , Avocado Oil persea gratissima, Vitamin E, Essential oils of German Chamomile matricaria chamomilla ​, Lavender lavandula angustifolia​, Peppermint mentha x piperita, Eucalyptus ​eucalyptus globulus, Ginger root zingiber officinalis, Rosemary ​rosmarinus officinalis ct 1,8 cineole, Clove syzygium aromaticum , Black Pepper ​piper nigrum 

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