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1822 Snake River Road, Ste E Katy, Texas 77449

Aromatherapy in Houston, Texas

Our Company

Aromatherapy in Houston, Texas

Our Company

SMB Organics specializes in the finest aromatherapy products which are "Simply Made for Body". I am based in Katy, TX and make everything in small batches, and am able to create personalized formulas.  All products are vegetarian, alcohol free and contain no synthetic ingredients or additives.  I offer you the finest all-natural and clean products that nourish and deliver real benefits to your skin and body.

Get to know us

Founded in 2008 by Lubaina Raja and Tasneem Raja, SMB Organics is made up of the best group of people, who are knowledgeable in their different fields of the holistic healing world, and take the utmost pride in creating aromatherapy products that are nourishing for your skin. 

Lubaina, an aromatherapist, has been mixing and creating blends and aromatherapy products since 2009. My journey started with a simple thought of wanting to use products that are natural and have the ability to help in a holistic approach.I met with a local herbalist and was so intrigued by the power of what plants could do. I started with a few oils and created my first blend of Defense....and then my love story began. My love for oils and their ability to help support the body and mind has led me to consult and create custom blends for my customers. I got my certification in aromatherapy...there is so much to learn! It still amazes me how much essential oils can do for your body and mind. Little drops of oil doing complex work.

Tasneem, an acupuncturist, has been practicing for over 14 years. She integrates the use of essential oil blends, that Lubaina makes, in her practice and is therefore an invaluable source to SMB Organics. Her patients become clients of mine and always come back for more.

Our Mission

To provide aromatherapy products to you, our customers, and introduce you to the world of essential oils, hydrosols and aromatic products. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse and purchase. You're always welcome to send us an email or call with questions.