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Why you should buy essential oils?


We can all agree on one thing: headaches are something that is not gleed at. They can cause us to have to sleep too much, causing us to not be able to finish important things for school and work. Even worse, we could miss out on important events like birthday parties and social events, an idea which no one would awe at. Now, you’re probably thinking: isn’t the solution to headaches acetaminophen? You are right, it is! However, in a society that has become dependent on the medication for the smallest of things, many patients who suffer from an illness like migraines and anxiety want to move to a safer, and natural remedies. This surge occurred after the opioid crisis when over 15,000 people died due to opioid addiction, according to the FDA.  No need to fear, we have found the perfect solutions: use essential oils for minor aches!

Instead of simply fixing the issue at hand, essential oils use a holistic approach by trying to fix other factors that may be the cause of the issue. For example, after the use of essential oils, many have had their migraines fixed, however, they also saw an increase in their somatic and emotional well being. While your two pills of Tylenol may fix your headache for that moment, essential oils will try to find a way to stop the cause of the problem before it can even happen. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should completely stop using medication; however, you should try to limit the amount you use, and try to go with more natural things for minor headaches or neckaches. 

According to recent studies, people who overused medication tended to have weaker immune systems, as their bodies could not fight anything without the use of antibiotics or other medications. In a time during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential that we have a strong immune system so that the Coronavirus can not affect us or our loved ones. Of course, the medication should not fully be replaced by essential oils. However, if you come back from a long day of work and have a dreadful headache, try to reach for your essential oil rather than your “can” of acetaminophen. SMB organics can help you by providing essential oils which are sure to decrease your pain! Try us out today!