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Why buy artisan made soap?


Let’s be honest; we all value our bodies and want to do what is preeminent for them. However, how are you supposed to know the finest ways to take care of your body? Where should you go and who should you trust? These are questions that confront us all the time, and it seems like there is no “perfect” way to deal with them. 

You only deserve the best; the best quality, the best ingredients, and the best ways to help your skin. With so many commercially-cheap products available, it is almost impossible to recognize what exactly is right for you. No need to fear, there is a simple solution for this: buy from local artisans who care about your needs and only use the finest ingredients. This ensures that you have superb quality and are not taking essentials that are lower than you deserve. 

There are many reasons why you should buy handmade, artisan-crafted soaps:

  1. You support local, small business, that make products in the U.S:
  • Buying handmade soap supports a small local owner who takes time and energy to craft soap that will benefit you. As we have seen from this terrible pandemic, many of our fellow Americans have lost their jobs and businesses. One way to help build back what we had is to buy local products that don’t have a “made in China”. This will ensure that the money we are spending is going into our economy and not a foreign economy; a place where our fellow Americans are not being benefited. 
  1. Commercially made products have less natural ingredients and more artificial ingredients:
  • Its a fact: big stores have to mass-produce soaps, causing them to have to create artificial ingredients in order to suffice the supply. This causes you to have to use soaps that are lower in quality than you deserve. Artisan soap makers ensure that they create small batches, but use the best ingredients for your skin. Why settle for less when you have the option to have the best?
  1. You can actually ask the creator what they used and how they created their bar of soap.
  • Big brands spend millions of dollars marketing misleading information that causes consumers to not be able to decide which soap is the best. While they tell you that they are “natural” and are of the “superb” quality, they do not explicitly say how they made their bars of soap. With an artisan-made hand soap, you are able to ask how exactly your soap was made as it was made by a small, local business who will sincerely want to answer your questions. Try emailing a big-brand company and see if they reply after you send them an email multiple times.
  1. Artisan made hand-soaps can have different layouts and scents:
  • Imagine being told that you have to watch the same movie over and over again. Imagine only being able to smell one scent. Imagine if everything we saw around us was just one line, one color, or even just one strip. Sounds boring right? It’s the same thing with soap: people want to have soaps that have intricate designs and different scents. That is where artisan soap saves the day! With big-brands, they usually have one generic design, color, and scent, and they may not change it for a good couple of months. This makes sense, of course, as they are trying to sell low-quality items in a mass amount. With handmade soaps, the crafter creates small bathes, allowing him or her to design different depictions and come up with different fragrances that suit each individual!

 Now that you see the benefits, give handmade soap a chance by buying a few from SMB organics. You won’t regret switching from commercial soap to artisan; you don’t want to miss out on such an awe-filled experience.