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Is Coconut Oil Good For Sunburns?

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Coconut oil has so many health benefits. You might use it as a moisturizer, a lip balm, or a hair product. Of course, you might also just know coconut oil as your favorite kitchen staple! Now that it’s summertime, a lot of people are reaching for their coconut oil for a different reason. Below, we will share how coconut oil can help to soothe your sunburn.

 Powerful Moisture From Coconut Oil

 Coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer, which is one of the reasons it is so popular. It is made up of natural fatty acids that moisturize the skin in a gentle fashion. This makes it perfect for people with sensitive skin, as well as those with sunburns. Coconut oil also has anti-inflammatory benefits, which can help with redness and swelling.

 A Natural Solution

 Another great benefit of coconut oil? It is an all-natural solution. While there are lots of moisturizers out there, they aren’t all great for your skin. Additives and unnatural fragrances can irritate your skin. For some of us, this can actually hurt the skin more than it helps!

 Using a Combination of Treatments

 Of course, some people do need “traditional” treatments like medical-grade creams. If you need these products, then definitely use them. However, it’s still a good idea to use natural products when you can. Coconut oil can be used along with other products in order to best protect your skin.

 When to See a Doctor

 While most sunburns heal on their own, some will need medical attention. If your sunburn is severe or if it not healing correctly, then talk a doctor. People who get frequent sunburns should also see a doctor for a skin cancer exam.

 Take Care of Your Damaged Skin

 It is important to be gentle with your skin while you heal from your sunburn. At SMB Organics, we offer nourishing products to help you care for your skin. Products like our Simply Shea soap are made with organic coconut oil for extra moisturizing benefits. Explore our website to learn more.