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Top Essential Oils For Seasonal Allergies


Are you dealing with annoying seasonal allergies? We know how nasty these symptoms can be. Itchy eyes and runny noses are no fun. However, traditional allergy medications can come with side effects like drowsiness. Natural remedies can help you feel better without these side effects. Below, we’ll tell you about some essential oils for seasonal allergies. Try these out and see if your symptoms improve!

 Sweet Almond Oil

 This is a great, gentle oil that is often used as a carrier oil. This means it is gentle enough to use on the skin. Stronger oils are added to carrier oils so that they can be applied to the skin. Sweet almond oil is a great carrier oil for allergy blends.


 Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils. Most of us think of lavender as a calming scent that helps with sleep. However, lavender also calms other things, such as inflammation. This makes it a great tool for allergy relief. It can help to calm itchy, irritated skin. Plus, it smells great and can also help you relax.


 Peppermint is another oil that is known to reduce inflammation. This makes it a great essential oil for seasonal allergies. The scent of peppermint can also help with congestion and/or sinus pressure.

 And Many More!

 There are many other oils that help with allergies, such as sweet orange oil, lemon, sandalwood, and tea tree oil. Using different oils together can help you get the best results. However, it’s best to use oils that have been shown to work well together.

 Blends of Essential Oils For Seasonal Allergies

 Using an essential oil blend is a great way to experience the healing benefits of multiple oils at once. These blends are expertly formulated to give you the best results. They are easy to use and non-toxic, making them perfect for gentle relief. We offer two blends of essential oils for seasonal allergies: Seasonal Sniffles and Ease The Sinus. You can learn more about these products and also check out our other blends by clicking here.