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My nightly routine
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My nightly routine

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I have a simple night time routine, that brings calmness before hopping into bed. It involves my facial oil, gua sha tool.

What is a facial oil, and why use an oil on your face? Does it not clog your pores?

  • Facial oils are made up of  blend of oils that actually nourish the skin and trap the moisture and hydrate the skin.
  • They strengthen and support the skin barrier allowing your skin to become supple.
  • They regulate the sebum production of the skin and can help with acne as a lot of the oils have anti bacterial properties.
  • Beneficial in reducing wrinkles

Every night I follow a simple routine. Firstly, I cleanse my skin with a non drying cleanser or oil cleanser. I follow that with a mist of rose hydrosol, that adds moisture to the skin and provides deep hydration. My next step is to take a few drops of my facial oil, and I vary between the Celestial Rose and Tranquil Tansy, applying it by patting into my skin. My gua sha tool facial massage is my last step, and one of my favorite ways to uplift and provide my face with a gentle massage.

It's not a complicated routine and doesn't take too long. My goal is to provide my face with benefits that don't take too long and are also cost effective.